How To Manage PPC AS A Lawyer.

To do ppc management for lawyers, you need some right brain creativity. Obviously, we all know the difference between right brain and left the brain. The right brain being the creative side of our brain and the left brain is the analytical and logical side. Writing ads and doing advertising, as most people know, involves some right brain creativity. But, if you’re an Attorney and your assistant is managing your campaign, and they have no right brain creativity, they are probably hampering your efforts to some degree.


The other side of the equation is you have to have some left brain ability, because some of ppc management for lawyers marketing is following the numbers and tracking them, thinking logically about where you’re at, where you want to be, and comparing to the current results to the past results and drawing some conclusions.


Part of that is also mathematics. Again it’s on the left brain side, but a lot of lawyers went into the practice of law because they don’t want to do the math. In fact, it’s not only important to managing your firm properly but also to manage your Pay per Click Account properly.

Social Media Marketing for your Law Firm

If your law firm doesn’t have a social media presence, then you’re missing out on a lucrative source of referrals and new business. You can use a Twitter feed to send out articles that would be of interest to your followers, and your Facebook news feed to detail speeches you’ve made to the local bar associations or specialized training seminars you’ve attended — or led!

Tools like Twitter and Facebook allow you to keep your name out in front of the public. If your firm focuses on family law, then your social media marketing posts would include news stories about noteworthy divorces and custody cases. They would include articles that you write for your own blog or for local publications that cover the latest legislation influencing family law in your case. Because of the importance of collaborative negotiation in resolving so many family law cases, posts about the importance of helping kids stay out of the middle of divorce — such as profiles of local mediators and therapists — are helpful too. Let Attorney Marketing Network help you build your brand as a leader in your legal specialization by improving (or creating) your social media marketing presence.