Santa Ana Family Lawyer

It is so important to know who you are working with. Zwierzchowski & Nguyen are a family law firm in Santa Ana who are very transparent. They will walk you through the process of your case. This is a family law firm who can handle the most complex cases. Zwierzchowski & Nguyen have experience in handling divorce cases, high asset divorce cases, same sex prenuptial agreements, prenuptial agreements, property division, domestic violence, mediation, and others. They are very qualified family lawyers in Santa Ana. They also have offices around Southern California. If you are looking for a family lawyer that can help you through this difficult time, you need to contact, Zwierzchowski & Nguyen.


There are various different reasons as to why you would find yourself needing a family lawyer. But when you do need one, it is important to hire a family lawyer that has compassion as well as the will the fight. Hire the Santa Ana family law firm Zwierzchowski & Nguyen to assist you. This is a family law firm who knows exactly what needs to be done to get you the best possible outcome. It is said in family court there really are no winners or losers since it’s so emotional and complex. With an attorney like Agata Zwierzchowski you will at least have someone who is compassionate, and someone who will make the least painful as possible. She cares about you and how your life will turn out. You can trust her and you can feel confident in your attorney choice in Santa Ana. This court case can affect your life, be sure you have someone on your side, just like Zwierzchowski & Nguyen will be.

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