San Bernardino’s Top Child Support Attorneys

Having a child is huge financial responsibility. You have to ensure that the child has food, clothing, shelter, and other supplies that they would need. San Bernardino is already an expensive place to live, and trying to raise a child is already expensive. When you are breaking up with your significant other, you are now down to a one income house, while still trying to care for your child. This is when you would need to contact the San Bernardino family law firm, Law Office of Joyce Holcomb to get assistance with child support. Just because you and your child’s parent split up does not mean that you are now the only one financially responsible for your child. It is still both parents responsibility to ensure the child is fed, has school supplies, and has a place to live. Child support is typically paid by the parent that has the least amount of time spent with the child, but not always.


To have a better understanding on child support and what it entails contact, Law Office of Joyce Holcomb a family law firm in San Bernardino. They will walk you through the process on how child support is determined, who has to pay it, and how much the payments each month will be. It differs by each situation, meaning if your friend is getting a thousand dollars a month, that does not mean that is the amount you would be paying or receiving. Child support is dependent on many factors that the judge looks into. Your San Bernardino child support attorney will help you understand how its determined and what kind of outcomes you can be expecting.

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