commercial litigation


Basic knowledge of commercial litigation and accounting, fundamentals of corporate taxation, insights into the competition policy and an understanding of the functioning of the financial markets are indispensable for a successful activity with regard to the clients' interests. The business lawyer should be familiar with commercial and corporate law and also have an overview of adjacent areas such as labor and tax law.

Special problems for lawyers working in commercial law can lie in foreign corporate forms such as Limited, which are also increasingly common in Sherman Oaks.
The business lawyer often deals with internationally active clients, so that he usually has at least spoken and written English, but can also answer legal questions with regard to foreign legal systems.

In addition to the dispute, a commercial lawyer is particularly important for avoiding conflicts by means of optimally adapted contractual arrangements, especially in the case of articles of association.

Do you have questions about commercial law or do you need legal advice in this regard? The Van Etten Sipprelle LLP are happy to help you in all commerical litigation matters in Sherman Oaks.

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