The Law Firm for Family Law

The Law Firm for Family Law

If the parental child custody┬ácannot be exercised because of a permanent impediment or if the parents abuse their parental authority or grossly neglect their duties towards the child, the guardianship court will deprive the parents of parental authority. Deprivation of parental authority may also be imposed on one of the parents. From the archive of the forum … You can talk about a permanent obstacle when there is no chance of it ceasing. For example, a trip abroad permanently, combined with a total lack of interest. The fact that he is not interested now does not mean that he will not start. Abusing parental authority when, for example, a child is a victim of violence, forcing him to do work that harms his health, inciting crime or prostitution. Gross negligence, you can talk about it when the parent exposes the child to loss of health or life through his behavior, eg starving, tolerating and accepting the wrong conduct of the child (crime, prostitution, drunkenness) The Law Firm For Family Law is a law firm in Clearwater that is dedicated to helping clients.

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The Law Firm For Family Law

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