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Accidents happen even to the best riders. Some end with ordinary abrasions. Sometimes, however, the injury can be more serious. Then medical help or transport to the hospital is necessary. What to do when we witness a bicycle accident? Before we start providing help, remember to keep your own safety . Look around if we are not in danger or if the car will not hit us, for example. If it is safe, let us approach the wounded and ask loudly if he can hear us. Whether the victim is conscious or not is of great importance for further steps. What to do?If the cyclist is conscious, we can calmly start helping him. If he is unconscious, there is a risk that he is just dying and instead of bandaging his knee, we should immediately call for help and start to compress his chest. How to give first aid to the injured cyclist? Get help from Law Offices of Weber & Weber bicycle accident for a law firm in Glendale.

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