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Driven too fast? Overlooked red traffic light? Collision with other road users? Everyone has experienced this before. It makes sense to have this checked first, as the legal situation is really. Lotze Mosley, LLP mostly take a look at the police file and then discuss with you which behavior makes sense now. Only then should you also comment on the matter. It is your right to be silent until then, which is usually the better way as per OWI attorney law firm in Washington D.C.

They represent clients in the context of the hearing or opposition proceedings against warning and penalty notices or in the defense against the charge of offenses in the road traffic.

It often seems appropriate, at least for legal reasons, to object to decisions with a low threat of fines, especially if they were issued in connection with a traffic accident in which the civil liability issue has not yet been resolved. Here it can have a very disadvantageous effect if a penalty notice becomes final, as the opposing liability insurer can regard this as an admission of guilt.

Against penalty notice, which threatened in addition to a sensitive fine also points in Flensburg or even driving ban, we advise, already here due to the gravity of the allegation here by a lawyer to lodge an objection. Bear in mind that a penalty notice that has become legally valid may mean an increase in the fine due to prior registration in the event of a repeat offense! Hire a Washington D.C. based criminal lawyer from Lotze Mosley, LLP.

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Lawyer spouse maintenance Lawyers for family law. Here you can quickly and easily find a personal lawyer for your legal case at The Law Office of Denise Miller, P.A a family law firm in Stuart.

. Information and legal tips from spousal support for a law firm in Stuart can be found at there office.

Various forms of spouses keep The generic term “spousal maintenance” will continue to be differentiated in practice, depending on the phase of separation between the former partners. So the exact term is called “separation maintenance” when it comes to the phase from separation to the final divorce and “after-marital maintenance” when it comes to the phase after the divorce. Fundamentals of separation maintenance The calculation of maintenance for the ex-partner depends on the phase of separation. When it comes to the separation support, only one condition is decisive: The dependent ex-partner has less money available than the other spouse. This means that even if both partners would be financially self-sufficient through their job income, they will – in theory – be divided in half. Reason: During the marriage, each partner – theoretically – is entitled to half of the total income. This is – again theoretically – even in those cases in which the wife before the separation, for example, has not worked. The calculation of separation maintenance seems to be quite simple. Is it – practice- but unfortunately in the fewest cases. Because it’s not about the “two-part sharing” of net income, but to split the so-called maintenance-relevant income.

Duration of separation maintenance As complicated as the calculation of maintenance is on the one hand, the question of the duration can be answered so easily. Entitlement to separation support – if there is one – applies up to a legitimate divorce. Thereafter, if necessary, post-marital maintenance can take effect. However, this must be requested separately.

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